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Modernizacja urządzeń do pomiaru przepływu (PL)

Flow Measurement behind Grit Chamber
Measurement pit behind grit chamber
Flow Measurement behind Grit Chamber


  • Two pipes with 0.6 m diameter, made of stainless steel
  • Full filled
  • Pipes previously installed

Zdefiniowanie problemów

  • Continuous measurement of single volumes to achieve even distribution of partial volumes and hence the best possible sedimentation behaviour in both parallel grit chambers by using both upstream control valves.
  • Existing pipes shall not be dismantled for installation of measurement system.
  • Welding works within the pit shall be avoided.
Flow Measurement behind Grit Chamber
Installation principle
Flow Measurement behind Grit Chamber


  • The particularly for full pipes developed flow measurement system Type NFP has been used.
  • Sensor nozzles have been fastened on existing stainless steel pipe lines by using tensioning belts.


  • Easy, simple and quick upgrading without the need for welding works.
  • High accuracy and reliability.
  • No process disruption for installation

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