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Pomiar przepływu podczas blokady narosłego tłuszczu (PL)

Level Measurement in Grease Trap
Grease trap
Level Measurement in Grease Trap


  • Depth of pit: approx. 4 m
  • Medium: wastewater with grease contents and temporary foam formation

Zdefiniowanie problemów

  • Reliable measurement of the wastewater-grease mixture level in the pit
  • A pressure measurement probe should be used since non-contact ultrasonic sensors would fail due to occasional foam formation on the surface
  • Grease accumulation should not damage the sensor cables
  • Maintenance and cleaning should be possible in a quick and easy manner
Level Measurement in Grease Trap
NivuBar Plus in special version “G”
Level Measurement in Grease Trap


  • Utilisation of a submersible probe (special version of NivuBar Plus II) with integrated G 1“ outer thread for direct installation of a protective pipe.


  • Protective tube to protect the sensor cable against incrustation and mechanical stress
  • Easier removal for regular cleaning
  • Safe fastening as well as easier und more accurate depth adjustment (0-point) thanks to the protective tube

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