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Flow Measurement in large WWTP Intake Area
View of measurement place
Flow Measurement in large WWTP Intake Area


  • Structured U profie made of concrete, 2.5 x 2.5 m (w x h) with dry weather channel
  • Partially filled
  • Very high discharge dynamics
  • Risk of sedimentation during nighttime

Zdefiniowanie problemów

  • Detection of flow rate to WWTP
  • Highest possible accuracy despite very high discharge dynamics featuring levels from 40 to 200 cm
Flow Measurement in large WWTP Intake Area
Installation principle
Flow Measurement in large WWTP Intake Area


  • The measurement system Type OCM Pro CF with three CS2 flow velocity sensors has been used.
  • The sensors have been installed on wedge supports due to the risk of sedimentation.
  • A cable protection mounted directly on the sensor prevents damages through rat bites or similar.


  • Easy programming thanks to internal channel shape presets
  • Required accuracies are met thanks to the use of 3 velocity sensors
  • High resolution of readings through 2 analog outputs with different scales for dry weather and rain weather

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