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Radar OFR komplementarny ultradźwiękowy pomiar przepływu (PL)

The new OFR radar-based velocity measurement system shows its strengths particularly in combination with known ultrasonic measurement methods. Supplementing Doppler, transit time or the cross correlation method patented by NIVUS, the system provides added value to accuracy and reliability of flow measurement covering the entire measurement range.
Due to radar technology OFR is well-suited also as individual system for flow measurements in aggressive or abrasive media. Moreover it can be used for measuring in areas difficult to access where processes cannot be shut down or where it is not allowed to install medium-contacting measurement systems.
For flow calculation the OFR system determines surface velocity as well as the level of the medium. NIVUS’ latest hydraulic calculation algorithms ensure reliable flow metering even under very difficult conditions. Further benefits of the measurement system are the very low maintenance expenses.
The System consists of an impulse-radar for surface velocity detection and an ultrasonic level measurement. The minimum distance to the surface to measure is 30 cm. Flexible holder brackets allow quick and easy installation on site.
Due to its versatility OFR is a good choice even for exposed measurement situations such as irrigation channels, mountain streams and problematic media (e.g. coolants or contaminated media).



Pressemeldung OFR Radar

Inne Niemiecki/German

OFR Radar Complements Ultrasonic Flow Measurements

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